Colors Between Names

by Auroravore

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released November 1, 2010

Produced by Auroravore and Keith Gary
Recorded at Green Trails Studio by Keith Gary
Mixed at Blue Rock Artist Ranch by Keith Gary
Mastered at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. by Nick Landis
Album artwork by Ayla Erdener
All songs written by Auroravore



all rights reserved


Auroravore Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Cosmopolitan Nursery
The mountain feeds the shore
The bitch adores the whore
It’s ninety-nine degrees in the Cosmopolitan Nursery

Your life’s become a club
The guest list overrun
The feeling’s that it’s trite to romanticize your life

You know you're seeking a vision to fill the void
Your mind's a radar, but you're only picking up white noise

But every time you turn it on, you're the needle to the vinyl scratching on the street
And every time the city talks, you're the mobile mural pushing the heartbeat

So hey, don't say, you're better off with the trust fund zombie pity parade

‘Cause every time you turn it on
You're the light at the break of dawn waking me
And every time the camera is on
You're the scene they edit due to controversy

‘Cause they'll try and try and try to steal your beat
But that's the way the cradle rocks in the cosmopolitan nursery

You heard that the remedy is benign
It's the good word of the pedigree paradigm
Their heads are hot, their love is not
It's hot and swollen sacrifice to spread the rhyme
Doll, those rabbits are in your mind

We'll take them down
To the lions of dynamite
We'll take them 'round
To the point of hope
Their heads are hot, their love is not
It's hot and swollen sacrifice
We'll take them down
And the Harlem’s will rise and rise
Track Name: Florence
Hands up my sisters and brothers
It's time to take control of the city
They'll take our lives and our lovers
And they'll tell us it's all for our safety

We'll raise our voice in the hall
And preach it to the man with the briefcase
‘Cause the tie around his neck shouldn't tie us up
And the cuff links on his wrists can't cuff our community

Get off your knees if you want to
Your heart will begin to allow you
And you'll never really have a battle if you know you're not alone

Get off your knees ‘cause we got to
This city talks, city talk now
You know we're bound for love 'cause
We're not alone, We're not alone
Track Name: Tell Her
We love your grain-fed horse and pony-cropped carriage
It lets stomachs sleep on our quiet foam mattresses

Full from feeding, over eating
Proselytized pork, oinking in fear
That the feral hogs are too near

“So expect the worst…”

Says our antiquated parliament, sucking dry your sentiment, counseling you not to move while moving to renege

Our autonomy, a simple power grab through mirrors and double speak, spooning with socialists and munching on free market nuts

Tell her she's dead to me
Tell her that death is the
Only excuse for her not wanting to be free

Tell her she's dead to me
Tell her that death is the
Only excuse for her not wanting to be free
Track Name: Up In Arms
All of your life you've been dubbed
Campaigned to tread fashion floods
Oh ethnocide Quaalude eyes
Delusional from the cum you refine

All the hearts
Tied to your ego
Are strung up like balloons
And strung out like you

You've become a martyr for success as you regress
And the apathy residing in your lungs will take your breath

How do you intend to get a word in?

Do you know you have the capacity to invert your thoughts and come alive?

Will you resonate like a melody or resign yourself to ethnocide?
Track Name: Dream Drop
Dream drop dahlia
Design delight
Come to the garden that blossoms in your eyes
Where you've been born a thousand times

To share a body
A pair of lungs
Breath together exhale as one
Again our time has come

It's not that hard
Pull us all around you
Stay with us 'til we're the sun
The hardest part is making it look easy
Stay with us 'til we're the sun

Let's start a tear
Become aware
And win the favor of the eye
And disintegrate reanimate

You and I are dots on a page
Twin silhouettes prone to forget
Our balance with negative space
And colors between our names